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Coton Synopsis

Coton de Tulear

Members at ÖZK  and Czech Klub Coton

About Me

In 2016, we got our very first Coton de Tulear and immediately fell in love with the warmth and excitement this fluffy breed brings home. We were so happy that we decided to get two more Coton family members. Our dogs, Snowy, Cookie, and Minnie gives endless joy to our family. We quickly learned that the Coton de Tulears breed is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever come across, they are loving, playful, and cuddly.

We started our kennel Coton Synopsis because of our love for Cotons, and we also hope to spread the breed's sweetness onto more and more families through our dogs!

Cotons love children and are very family-friendly dogs! They are very flexible too; they love to go outside, explore, and take on new adventures, but they are also down to just relax and lounge around the house all day. As long as they are with their family, Cotons will feel happy and at home.

Cotons should be treated as part of the family, and need loving families who are willing to love and play with them and give them the endless attention they deserve!

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